At Iberostar, we've become an international benchmark in responsible tourism, leading with purpose through four pillars that are weaved into every layer of our all-inclusive resorts.

Iberostar Hotels & Resorts

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Iberostar Group is a 100% family-owned multinational Spanish company, who for more than 60 years has been dedicated to tourism. The main line of business is Iberostar Hotels & Resorts with a portfolio of over one hundred 4 and 5-star hotels in 16 countries, and a global workforce above 34,500 people of 91 nationalities. As a leader in quality, Iberostar Group promotes differentiation in the customer experience through constant product innovation and digital commitment. The company has positioned itself as an international benchmark in responsible tourism by promoting a more sustainable business model focused on the care for people and the environment, and boosting circularity policies. It pursues its own 2030 Agenda aimed at eliminating waste, neutralizing carbon emissions and improving the health of the ecosystems surrounding its hotels, among other targets. The Wave of Change movement reflects this commitment and the company's effort to share it with all of society. 

Leading in responsible tourism, the Iberostar portfolio offers over 20 destinations worldwide. From award-winning beaches to bustling cities, there is a destination for each guest.

At Iberostar, we've become an international benchmark in responsible tourism, leading with purpose through four pillars that are weaved into every layer of our all-inclusive resorts.

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Wave Of Change

The essence of Iberostar has always been the ocean, with our beginnings in the Mediterranean island of Palma de Mallorca and with over 80% of our resorts being oceanfront. As such, the conservation and protection of the ocean is essential to us. Wave of Change is a pioneering initiative to reduce the use of plastics, to promote responsible consumption of seafood and improve coastal health.


We happen to be huge proponents of health and wellness. For the mind and body, our Aliveness concept invites you to disconnect from your day-to-day and reconnect with yourself, your loved ones and the environment around you. Through activities and entertainment, such as sunrise and sunset beach walks, social hours and local cuisine cooking workshops, guests discover new aspects of themselves. 

Honest Food

Encompassing our Honest Food philosophy, guests will experience all-inclusive culinary delights engineered by an Iberostar nutritionist that incorporate healthy, locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. Responsible sourcing and sustainability are key in the preparation process to ensure the highest quality gastronomic experience. Whether eating seasonal lobster or a craft burger by the pool, dishes are prepared daily by our acclaimed chefs.

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Star Camp

With our properties that meet our high Family Suitable criteria, Star Camp features an environment for kids to play and learn unlike any other kids club. Based on the approach of multiple intelligences, which advocates building intelligence through the interrelation and cooperation between people, Star Camp is divided into three different age groups, each with its own exclusive space: Monkeys (4-7 years old), Dolphins (8-12 years old), and Eagles (13-17 years old). Each group has unique educational and recreational activities, over 140 of them, all in the same educational orbit of Wave of Change.

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ake a more sustainable vacation with Iberostar
There’s no greater peace of mind than knowing that, if you choose to stay at one of our hotels, on top of enjoying the best vacation, you’ll be making an active contribution to protecting the oceans and coasts that we depend on. How? By becoming part of the drive toward our ambitious 2030 agenda. During an average stay like yours, we’re reducing our CO2 emissions by 6% and eliminating over 4 lb of single-use plastics.
Do you like data? So do we
Working toward waste-free hotels
  • Our hotels are free of single-use plastics and they’ll be waste-free by 2025. We avoid using 692 metric tons of plastic and wasting more than 500,000 meals’ worth of food in one year.
Beaches made to last
  • We have a research lab and 5 coral nurseries, 3 mangrove nurseries with 14,400 trees, and 3 coastal dune nurseries.
Deliciously responsible
  • At our hotels, 78% of the fish consumed comes from sustainable sources. This figure will be 100% by 2025.
Positive footprints
  • By 2030, we’ll be carbon neutral, 20 years before the target date for our sector. In 2022, we reduced our energy consumption by 5.7%, or the equivalent of what 6,000 homes consume annually in Spain.