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    Helen and Patrick

    I reached out to Leanne recommended through Deborah at Nestleton Waters Inn. I was wanting to book a trip to Japan for our honeymoon leaving April 2020. Leanne's enthusiasm was contagious during the whole planning process. I had a large list of things we wanted to do during our 2 weeks there and she laid out a timeline of our trip managing to fit many of those things in. I looked forward to seeing her number pop up on my phone because I could hear her smile over the phone and it just made me more and more excited for our trip. ☺ When we had specific questions about the rental cars she tracked down answers for us, calling the tour companies in Japan. Once Late March 2020 rolled around, we were now facing a predicament about our trip since all outside travel had been banned. Do we cancel, do we postpone? She was on the phone and on email with me almost everyday giving me options for future travel or cancelling the trip and what that would entail. She even convinced the travel company to extend our travel credits longer then they originally were offering. But since my husband and I were laid off, we now needed to cancel the trip and get the money back from the insurance company. This is a another spot where Leanne and Extra Mile Vacations had our back. Since the insurance was booked through them and she had my files and invoices she walked me through the claim process and has been updating me as new developments come in, in these uncertain times. During this pandemic, the last thing any of us wants to be doing is wondering whether or not the insurance company is going to pay out. I have never had a doubt that we would we be getting the money back because Leanne has helped us file the correct documents and the team met with the insurance company to understand their polices to make sure that the clients that qualify for an insurance pay out get an insurance pay out. Many travel clients are in this position right now and I am so glad we booked insurance and Booked with a Travel agent. Thankyou Leanne and Extra Mile Vacations for all your hard work through these trying times! I look forward to re-booking our trip to Japan once it’s safe to do so!